Fast Internet Loans: How to get them


    How many times have you heard the phrase: “if you are not on the Internet you do not exist”? Surely there have been many. And it is that in financial terms, of online loans in Argentina, and in business terms, more and more companies have had to dump their platforms to websites. More information at

    The 2000s, and their constant need for “immediacy” and “interactivity,” transformed the way traditional banking companies communicate with their clients, causing them to abandon, on occasion, physical formats to bring cloud spaces to life. .

    The most significant thing is that this new century has contributed to the proliferation of fast internet lending organizations in Argentina that are totally new and that do not have any connection with the old financial systems.

    The rise of fast loans on the Internet came to provide the southern nation with endless benefits to those who are tired of the procedures and efforts. Clients who prefer to invest their time in fruitful activities instead of wasting it in banking entities.

    In Argentina, personal bank loans have grown 22% year-on-year in 2017, according to a survey carried out by experts from the Clatin newspaper. However, these data do not exceed the growth of fast Internet loans offered by fintech companies in this same nation, which exceed 50%, compared to 2016 in cities like Buenos Aires.

    The use of the smartphone has been key in the advancement of fintech companies in Argentina because through this device Internet loans are becoming faster and easier.

    Even Salbaro Carolego, country manager of LifeFinance, explained to the media in Argentina that “the mobile phone is the gateway, 85% request loans through some type of smart device. The profile of the Argentine is that he uses the telephone and social networks a lot ”.

    Traditional banks have tried to compete with online companies to match their loans with personal loans online.

    They have eliminated interest rate plans, they have collapsed the use of plastic, but their attempts, although it has allowed them to grow in contrast to 2016, does not surpass fintech companies.

    It is true that there is currently a strong competition between these two greats. It is no less true that the speed, the easy steps and the flexibility of payment of the fintech when granting loans by Internet has been its key and has made them stay on the cusp not only in Argentina, but in a large part of Latin America and Europe.

    Now, if you are wondering what is the mechanism to enter the world of online credits and get fast Internet loans, you just have to follow these simple steps, click and go!

    Enter 1, 2, 3

    1,2,3, are only the first three steps that the Roojum company gives you so that you become one of its clients and obtain fast personal loans in Argentina.


    1.The Simulator

    internet loan

    You will have a simulator in which you can choose the loan amount and you must also indicate the time or term in which you can pay your debt. You position yourself with the mouse on the “PEDILO NOW” button and so easy you continue with the next stage.


    2.Complete the Form

    loan applications

    Step 2 consists of completing a registration form in which you will be asked a set of personal and bank questions. These questions are important because with them the company will validate your loan online quickly. You can fully trust the Roojum company when filling out this form because, first, these questions are completely confidential, and secondly, the credibility of this company is one of the elements that defines it in the Argentine nation and around the world. We remind you that the only thing you should have on hand to apply for a fast internet loan with Roojum is your ID and be a citizen over 19 years old.


    3.Confirm your registration

    3.Confirm your registration

    After providing all the requested information, you have to complete step 3, here you must wait a few moments in order for Roojum to send a message to your smartphone and your email to confirm the registration.

    If the application is approved you will be informed in your Roojum profile and the requested money will be transferred to your bank account.

    It is important that the bank account to which the money will be deposited matches the account you indicated at the registration stage; and so you can immediately verify the financial transfer.


    Fast and secure personal loans online

    For Roojum, the speed and security of customers when applying for personal loans online is extremely important.

    Therefore, they have trained a powerful team of financial advisors who can assist you when you need it. Even if you are not yet part of the client portfolio of this renowned organization.

    That the lack of money does not torment you because the speed and simplicity you were looking for in online personal loans, you can find it in the Loans

    Loan 150 euros urgently


    150 euro mortgage

    150 euro loan

    The mini credit of a hundred and fifty euros instantly is quick financing, provided by fast loan providers to all clients who are searching for urgent financial help. In case you lack money to pay the electricity bill, cell phone costs, or repair of an equipment, with the online credits you should have the immediate answer and you will have the necessary money in lower than 24 hours. Loans without security or payroll, to be acquired quickly, flexibly and totally online, for any purpose that will cannot be postponed.

    The mini credits possess instantly been designed to provide solutions to those looking for quick money. The loan application is created online and is usually approved (or rejected) by the lender in under 10 minutes. You can enjoy your cash the same day, without validation, payroll or abundant documents. In addition , some of the urgent credit are available even if you are enrolled in a listing of delinquents or have unpaid financial obligations.

    Beside the benefits, some disadvantages must also be used into account. First, the cost of immediate loans and credits generally exceeds the cost of other types associated with financing. Also remember the brief maturity period and the attention for late payment which is charged in case of not producing the loan repayment on the established time.

    People use fast on-line credits to finance numerous purposes that ask for a fast solution without inconvenient gaps. If you are facing an important transaction and you lack money to pay for it off, consider asking for an online credit with instant response. Unlike the personal financial loans granted by traditional banking institutions, with this financial product, along with having a higher level of acceptance, you only have to wait a couple of minutes for your application to be examined and the money can be created your bank account.

    Make an application for an urgent loan

    Apply for an urgent loan

    In order to make an application for an urgent loan, it is crucial to meet the requirements established simply by each lender. The majority request that you be over eighteen years of age, have a Spanish home, have an account in a financial institution or savings bank and may demonstrate a source of normal income. The requirements and circumstances depend on each particular supplier of fast loans. For instance , some do not accept these clients that appear on the delinquent list, others place a limit on energetic debts with third events. To make your own request, you simply have to fill out a simple type online with your personal data and supply the lender with all the requested files. Then wait a few minutes in case your application will be approved and you could receive the amount of your mortgage instantly. However , the speed from the transfer always depends on the banking institutions that operate the borrower’s account and that of the loan provider.

    When trying to get an urgent loan, you should compare between different provides of the lenders. To find the best problems and choose an option that will best suits your needs. Just before signing a contract read all of the terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you will be able to return the amount in addition all established interest plus fees. Credits can immediately be a welcome help, so long as you use them responsibly.

    Is it impossible for you to know the different types of loans? Here is the basic step by step guide to never make a wrong decision again


    There are probably very few fortunate people on Earth who have never needed a loan in life. In almost any situation, we may need financial help when we cannot raise enough money to achieve our goals or solve our problems. Loans come in handy, which is a bridging solution.

    Since there is a good chance that you will have to use this financial tool from time to time, we will help you get on the path to making the right decision.

    We summarize all the basic and important information


    In this article, we summarize all the basic and important information you need to know about your bank loans. What is a loan purpose? How to apply? How much can we get? How can we choose the best loan for our purpose? What happens if we can’t pay? Here are just a few examples to answer as we read on.

    First of all, let us clarify the most basic question: what is the often hated, but sometimes life-saving loan?

    In the case of credit, we are talking about a financial transaction in which the lender, which is usually a bank, undertakes to give money to the debtor, in our case to us. In return, the debtor promises to repay the loan with interest.

    Suppose you go to kid’s school, but you just don’t have the money to buy your school supplies. That’s why we’re asking for a loan from a bank: we need $ 100,000 to buy booklets, pens and books.

    The bank gives it at 10 percent interest, so we give back 100 000 forints and 10 percent, 10 thousand forints, a total of 110 000 forints during the maturity – repayment period. The parties shall agree on this. This allows the debtor to raise money to achieve his goals and the lender to charge interest on the loan, thus earning money on the loan.

    Which loan for what purpose? Free and special purpose loans


    It is not difficult to decide what we want to borrow, because everyone has a concrete idea of ​​why they need a loan. This is called a credit target , which can be used to group credit products available today. The simplest is to distinguish between two types:

    1. Loans for free use
    2. 2. and targeted loan

    In the case of free use loans, the borrowed amount can be used for anything . Want to buy a TV or a fridge but don’t have enough money? Are we getting ready for our dream wedding, but too much? Would we buy solar panels to reduce our overhead bill? That’s where the free-to-use personal loan was invented.

    We do not need to tell you what we are spending money on and no one is checking to see if it has actually been used for its original purpose. So the free-to-use loan can be spent on technical items, home improvement, loan redemption, car purchase, vacation, medical intervention, whatever we need. In most cases, free-to-use personal loans or free-to-use mortgages can be of help if you want to use your bank money without limits.

    The bank also needs security: what is it for and what can the loan cover?

    The bank also needs security: what is it for and what can the loan cover?

    We can also classify loans by collateral based on the amount of assets that need to be included in the loan agreement.

    A loan security is real estate or movable property that the lender requests from the debtor as security if he does not consider the repayment of the loan guaranteed.

    Typically, a home or car is included in a loan agreement, but it can be any property of greater value, such as art assets or securities. It is often the case that the apartment or car you choose to buy will be the object of coverage itself.

    Let’s face it, with a 10 to 20 year loan, it’s not the bank, but we don’t even foresee how our life will turn out. The bank cannot risk losing money in the event of bankruptcy, lack of work, or worse because it would go bankrupt. That’s why you’re looking for a large, value-for-money asset that you can make even if you crash.

    That’s why you have to pay that much interest on your loan


    When you are thinking about borrowing, it is a very important factor when choosing what kind of interest rate loan you choose. Are you better off with a fixed interest rate loan that you can count on over a period of interest? Of course, the longer the term you borrow, the higher the interest you can expect, as the bank will also calculate your potential loss in advance.

    If you decide on a floating rate loan, it will not be easy to predict how your installments will change over the term. Banks can only change interest rates following the money and foreign exchange market changes, in accordance with legal requirements and your contract.

    How do banks change interest rates?

    How do banks change interest rates?

    So, during an interest period, the interest rate does not change if you fix it, its length is included in your loan agreement. The size of the new interest rate in the new interest period is determined by the change in the interest rate or the change in the interest spread.

    There are types of interest rate change indicator for forint loans, which are given different codes, for example H1K3 or DE1K. The indicators differ in that the reference yields (government securities, interest rate swap) on which the calculation is based and the eligible cost of funds are different.

    There are  types of interest rate changes in forint loans. The indicators differ in that the reference yields underlying the calculation (government securities, foreign exchange swap contracts against forint) and offsetting source costs are different. But let’s look at what these codes cover!

    Changes in interest rates on forint loans:

    Changes in interest rates on forint loans:

    • H0K: interest rate change index 0 with a fixed value of zero over the life of the loan.
    • H1K: Interest rate change index 1. It has 4 variants for interest rates of 3 years (H1K3), 4 years (H1K4), 5 years (H1K5) and 10 years (H1K10). Your interest rate changes as government bond yields change as a percentage, that is, at the government bond reference interest rate set by the Debt Management Center (GCC).
    • H2K: Interest rate change index 2, with 4 variants, for the 3-year (H2K3), 4-year (H2K4), 5-year (H2K5) and 10-year (H2K10) interest period. This indicator is influenced by BIRS (Budapest Interest Rate Swap). The three-month BIRS average is an indicator that is independent of the lender’s credit risk or market perception and expresses the price at which the lender can swap its variable-rate source with a fixed rate so that you can keep your interest rate constant over a given interest period.

    Changes in interest rate spread for forint loans:

    Changes in interest rate spread for forint loans:

    • H0F: interest rate change index 0 with a fixed zero over the maturity of the loan.
    • H1F: interest rate change index # 1 with 3 variants for the 3-year (H1F3), 4-year (H1F4) and 5-year (H1F5) interest periods. The indicator is based on the percentage change in the 3-year and 5-year Hungarian government bond yields between the two interest periods, the ratio of this percentage to the base (ie the government bond reference interest rate published by ÁKK). So your interest rate changes as government securities yields change.

    So there are a lot of factors that ultimately determine how much interest you can borrow, and here we have just discussed some of the macroeconomic factors. Use Fu Manchu’s credit calculators to quickly and easily decide the best solution

    Payday Loan Without Proof Of Income


    It is also possible to apply for a loan from a financial institution even if you do not have an employer certificate, but your income must be certified in some form. As an employee, you can also verify your wages with a bank statement, and as an entrepreneur you need to have a NAV income certificate. There are two main reasons why you choose to take out a Payday loan without a certificate from your employer. Either because it is quicker to do business or because the bank requests it. In many cases, the financial institution will accept only bank transfer and bank statement certification. Other income may or may not be offset by the bank in addition to regular income.

    The fastest way to do this is to start a loan application with the bank where your paycheck comes from. In this case, the lending financial institution will review the account to see if the borrower is able to repay the loan at the time of the Payday loan. Of course, you can apply for a loan from another bank, but it does not have the disadvantage. In some cases, the bank may even offer discounts when applying for a loan as a new customer.

    In any case, the creditor bank would like to see the source from which the loan will be repaid. If you want to take out a loan without real estate collateral, the income test will be stricter, as this will cover the claimant’s net income and payment history. In the case of unsecured Payday loans, the maximum loan amount may not exceed 50% or 60% of your certified income. The monthly repayment details of existing loans reduce the amount of the loan that can be claimed, and they are included in the percentage of certified income unless it is replaced by a loan.

    Payday loan Without Proof Of Income – How Can You Proof Of Income?

    Personal Loan Without Proof Of Income - How Can You Proof Of Income?

    • For Employee Employment: You need a bank statement with your income, receipts, and / or employer-issued employer certification, or multiple income statements for a financial institution, if you work for a close relative.
    • In the case of sole proprietorships and partnerships: a certificate of income from NAV is required and a negative tax debt issued by NAV is required.
    • For pensioners: A pensioner ID and pension certificate or bank account statement is required.

    The amount of income has to reach the minimum wage or the minimum pension, but this is not always sufficient, as the amount of income that banks expect depends on the household’s expenses and the amount of credit they want to raise.

    Payday loan Without Income Certificate – Types of Income Certificate

    Personal Loan Without Income Certificate - Types of Income Certificate

    • Employee status: Bank account statement and / or employer’s certificate required; The employer’s certificate is issued by the employer. You cannot start a credit transaction with a certificate issued for more than 30 days. Most financial institutions require a bank statement that includes wages, along with your employer certificate. If the employee’s salary does not arrive in a bank account, he / she can also provide proof of his / her regular income through a certificate issued by the tax authority if the bank requests it in addition to the employer’s certificate or other income that the bank accepts.
    • In the case of sole proprietorships and corporate partnerships: The income tax certificate issued by the competent tax authority is accepted, but a bank may also require the corporate entrepreneur to complete an employer’s certificate. Entrepreneurs must also officially prove that they have no tax debts. Depending on the type of company, financial institutions may also request a report, balance sheet or ledger statement to approve the loan.
    • For pensioners: The pensioner can be certified by the pensioner card they hold and the amount of the pension can be proved by a pension voucher or a current account containing the pension.
    • For other gainful activities: Other forms of certification may be required. For example, if the debtor receives some kind of family allowance or income from rent or dividends. These incomes cannot be accepted as independent income, but only as a supplement to regular income. In this case, GYED, GYES or other appropriate coupon shall be submitted. The income of those working on a contract of employment is also acceptable, and a contract of employment is required in addition to the bank account.

    Home Loan Cafeteria: An Opportunity Used by Few


    It is not only the state that can receive help – through the CSOK or LTP – to create a home or to repay our home loans. Whether you’re an employee or owning a business, we can take advantage of a variety of non-refundable employer support.

    Your workplace can help repay your loan


    On August 1, 2016, the regulations were rewritten favorably and since then, the employer can easily and significantly support the working real estate project within the cafeteria.

    This non-refundable grant is for the purchase, construction, conversion and repayment of loans taken out for this purpose.

    The tax-free subsidy can be granted for up to 30 percent of the property and up to 5 million forints over 5 years , either in one installment or in installments.

    The employer is responsible for ensuring that the beneficiary actually spends the benefit for the purpose, but since it is credited to the home loan account in most cases, it does not entail any additional task.

     A versatile option


    The conditions of the residential cafeteria are very strict and complex and have changed with last year’s changes, so it is worth knowing in detail. It should be examined, among other things, whether the employee lives in the apartment, whether he is the owner or the beneficiary, in order to ensure that the subsidy is properly distributed.

    We can support ourselves as well


    There are fair conditions , that is, only a certain level of home support can be supported. Basically the most important aspect is the number of rooms relative to the number of family members. For example, for three to four people, up to four-room properties are eligible for support, presumably not to spend the cafeteria on palaces.

    If we are an entrepreneur, we still have access to this option, which means that within 5 years we can withdraw money from our company for this purpose up to 5 million forints, including tax-free. For example, this can be encumbered with a home loan, for a lump sum, which can help you withdraw from your loan or significantly reduce your installments.

    Can You Get A Loan In 2019 Without An Employer Certificate?


    Let’s start with the most important! 2019 hasn’t changed, financial institutions are still required by law to ask you for an employer certificate if you want to take out a personal loan. But why? Because you have to set a so-called credit limit and the creditor (the bank) can calculate it based on your income. So, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get a loan without your employer’s certification, though there may be loopholes.

    Everyone can get into a situation where they need money very urgently. In such cases, a personal loan can help. Your application requires an employer certificate. But you can’t show it because you don’t have any income. However, this is a very important document for banks. Your income from work is the only guarantee that you will be able to repay a non-mortgage loan.

    Personal Loan Employer Certification – What about Small Loans?

    Personal Loan Employer Certification - What about Small Loans?

    This is not only the case with personal loans, but with all other loan products, you need your employer. It doesn’t matter if you need a personal loan of under $ 100,000 or millions. Banks will only be able to evaluate your loan application positively if you have regular net income, which can be used to set a credit limit.

    You’ll find this type of loan product at almost every bank: along with Good Finance, Goodbank and E-money, you might want to look around, just to name a few, but you’ll need proof of income everywhere. Since these loans are most often unsecured, the bank can only rely on your payment to pay off your debt. Therefore, often the actual minimum wage is not enough, but banks expect multiple repayments to comply with central bank regulations.

    And where do I get my income from? What does the bank accept for credit assessment?


    The bank identifies two sources of income when estimating your earnings:

    • for example, your primary income is the salary you get as an employee, your retirement, or the entrepreneurial salary you give yourself.

    • secondary income such as various social benefits, GYES, GYED, scholarships, dividends, equity, etc. These are also referred to as supplementary income and are never accepted by the bank as such in credit assessments.

    Documents needed for applying for a loan: Take these to the bank with you

    Documents needed for applying for a loan: Take these to the bank with you

    So you have not run out of options without your employer’s certification , because this is just one way to prove income to the bank. However, your income must always be verified. Here’s what we need for primary sources of income:

    • As a pensioner , you can provide proof of your pension through a pension record or bank statement that shows your payout for at least 3 months. If you have three pension vouchers, that’s okay.

    • For entrepreneurs, the NAV issues a certificate of income and a document stating whether they have a debt to the tax authorities. You can only get a loan as an entrepreneur if you have no tax debts.

    • Hungarians working abroad need a certificate of income issued by a foreign employer, which most banks already accept in English and German.

    In addition, your financial institution may ask you for specific documents if you feel you need more information. These include, for example, the balance sheet for entrepreneurs for the previous year, and the various licenses for primary producers, to name just two.

    Therefore, when applying for a loan, it is worthwhile to prepare these documents along with your identity documents in order to ensure a smooth administration.