Fast Internet Loans: How to get them


    How many times have you heard the phrase: “if you are not on the Internet you do not exist”? Surely there have been many. And it is that in financial terms, of online loans in Argentina, and in business terms, more and more companies have had to dump their platforms to websites. More information at

    The 2000s, and their constant need for “immediacy” and “interactivity,” transformed the way traditional banking companies communicate with their clients, causing them to abandon, on occasion, physical formats to bring cloud spaces to life. .

    The most significant thing is that this new century has contributed to the proliferation of fast internet lending organizations in Argentina that are totally new and that do not have any connection with the old financial systems.

    The rise of fast loans on the Internet came to provide the southern nation with endless benefits to those who are tired of the procedures and efforts. Clients who prefer to invest their time in fruitful activities instead of wasting it in banking entities.

    In Argentina, personal bank loans have grown 22% year-on-year in 2017, according to a survey carried out by experts from the Clatin newspaper. However, these data do not exceed the growth of fast Internet loans offered by fintech companies in this same nation, which exceed 50%, compared to 2016 in cities like Buenos Aires.

    The use of the smartphone has been key in the advancement of fintech companies in Argentina because through this device Internet loans are becoming faster and easier.

    Even Salbaro Carolego, country manager of LifeFinance, explained to the media in Argentina that “the mobile phone is the gateway, 85% request loans through some type of smart device. The profile of the Argentine is that he uses the telephone and social networks a lot ”.

    Traditional banks have tried to compete with online companies to match their loans with personal loans online.

    They have eliminated interest rate plans, they have collapsed the use of plastic, but their attempts, although it has allowed them to grow in contrast to 2016, does not surpass fintech companies.

    It is true that there is currently a strong competition between these two greats. It is no less true that the speed, the easy steps and the flexibility of payment of the fintech when granting loans by Internet has been its key and has made them stay on the cusp not only in Argentina, but in a large part of Latin America and Europe.

    Now, if you are wondering what is the mechanism to enter the world of online credits and get fast Internet loans, you just have to follow these simple steps, click and go!

    Enter 1, 2, 3

    1,2,3, are only the first three steps that the Roojum company gives you so that you become one of its clients and obtain fast personal loans in Argentina.


    1.The Simulator

    internet loan

    You will have a simulator in which you can choose the loan amount and you must also indicate the time or term in which you can pay your debt. You position yourself with the mouse on the “PEDILO NOW” button and so easy you continue with the next stage.


    2.Complete the Form

    loan applications

    Step 2 consists of completing a registration form in which you will be asked a set of personal and bank questions. These questions are important because with them the company will validate your loan online quickly. You can fully trust the Roojum company when filling out this form because, first, these questions are completely confidential, and secondly, the credibility of this company is one of the elements that defines it in the Argentine nation and around the world. We remind you that the only thing you should have on hand to apply for a fast internet loan with Roojum is your ID and be a citizen over 19 years old.


    3.Confirm your registration

    3.Confirm your registration

    After providing all the requested information, you have to complete step 3, here you must wait a few moments in order for Roojum to send a message to your smartphone and your email to confirm the registration.

    If the application is approved you will be informed in your Roojum profile and the requested money will be transferred to your bank account.

    It is important that the bank account to which the money will be deposited matches the account you indicated at the registration stage; and so you can immediately verify the financial transfer.


    Fast and secure personal loans online

    For Roojum, the speed and security of customers when applying for personal loans online is extremely important.

    Therefore, they have trained a powerful team of financial advisors who can assist you when you need it. Even if you are not yet part of the client portfolio of this renowned organization.

    That the lack of money does not torment you because the speed and simplicity you were looking for in online personal loans, you can find it in the Loans