Home Loan Cafeteria: An Opportunity Used by Few


    It is not only the state that can receive help – through the CSOK or LTP – to create a home or to repay our home loans. Whether you’re an employee or owning a business, we can take advantage of a variety of non-refundable employer support.

    Your workplace can help repay your loan


    On August 1, 2016, the regulations were rewritten favorably and since then, the employer can easily and significantly support the working real estate project within the cafeteria.

    This non-refundable grant is for the purchase, construction, conversion and repayment of loans taken out for this purpose.

    The tax-free subsidy can be granted for up to 30 percent of the property and up to 5 million forints over 5 years , either in one installment or in installments.

    The employer is responsible for ensuring that the beneficiary actually spends the benefit for the purpose, but since it is credited to the home loan account in most cases, it does not entail any additional task.

     A versatile option


    The conditions of the residential cafeteria are very strict and complex and have changed with last year’s changes, so it is worth knowing in detail. It should be examined, among other things, whether the employee lives in the apartment, whether he is the owner or the beneficiary, in order to ensure that the subsidy is properly distributed.

    We can support ourselves as well


    There are fair conditions , that is, only a certain level of home support can be supported. Basically the most important aspect is the number of rooms relative to the number of family members. For example, for three to four people, up to four-room properties are eligible for support, presumably not to spend the cafeteria on palaces.

    If we are an entrepreneur, we still have access to this option, which means that within 5 years we can withdraw money from our company for this purpose up to 5 million forints, including tax-free. For example, this can be encumbered with a home loan, for a lump sum, which can help you withdraw from your loan or significantly reduce your installments.