Insurance enrollment

Activity report: Health insurance registration, vocational training for the wind industry, high inflation | Video

Starting Monday, the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period begins for the state health insurance market, known as Get Covered New Jersey. The Murphy administration says record levels of financial assistance are available for this registration period. Nine out of 10 residents who sign up for Get Covered New Jersey will be eligible for financial assistance. The state says the majority of them will have access to a health plan at a cost of $ 10 per month or less, thanks to savings made by the state and the federal government. Additionally, the administration says consumers will also have more health care plans to choose from on the exchange.

A South Jersey school will provide vocational training for those interested in a career in the growing wind power industry in New Jersey. Atlantic Cape Community College has inaugurated a wind energy training facility at its Worthington-Atlantic City campus. The state has given the college a $ 3 million facility grant, which is slated to open next fall. The objective is to train 1,800 students from the first year.

Figures released on Friday show inflation hit a new 30-year high in September. Inflation has not risen as quickly since 1991, according to the US Department of Commerce report. More problems for the economy: Consumers spend less and, as a result, economic growth slowed to an annualized rate of only 2% in the last quarter. It was a weaker performance than economists expected.

Facebook has come under fire since a whistleblower published internal documents and said the company put profits above user protection. Now Facebook is giving itself a fresh start. The company changed its name to Meta, which it says reflects its intention to expand beyond social media and into virtual and augmented reality.

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