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Aditya Chopra Distributes Sathi Card to Provide Health Insurance, Ration Supply and Other Benefits to Film Industry Daily Bets

Yash Raj Films has been at the forefront of helping daily workers in the Hindi film industry, the section most vulnerable during the pandemic.

To support this beyond a simple response to COVID-19, Aditya Chopra launched the Sathi Card, modeled on an internationally renowned policy concept – “universal grassroots support” under the Foundation. Yash Chopra of YRF, to provide health insurance, tuition allowance, provision of rations, annual health checks among other benefits for daily workers in the industry and their families.

Cardholders will be able to use it for healthcare, including health insurance up to 2 lakh, free annual checkups, and discounts on medical bills and treatment services.

Registered people can also use the card to support their children’s education, as YRF provides an allowance for tuition, stationery and uniforms. They can also use the card to purchase rations.

The coronavirus pandemic has plagued the entertainment industry for the past year and around 30,000 and more employees have been deeply affected.

Recently, Yash Raj Films launched the “Yash Chopra Sathi Initiative” to provide minimum basic support to thousands of daily workers in the industry affected by the pandemic and initiated a direct benefit transfer of Rs 5,000 to women and elderly people in industry, as well as ration kits distributed to a family of four for a specified period.

Aditya Chopra also had a plan in place to vaccinate thousands of Hindi film fraternity workers, which helped restart filming in Mumbai. Last year, during lockdown, he also provided support to thousands of daily workers in the film industry by crediting money directly to their bank accounts.

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Posted on: Saturday December 11, 2021 4:25 PM IST