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ANS suspends 12 health plans; See the full list

You health insurance It is in the sights of the National Complementary Health Agency (ANS). After the agency’s check, 12 sales plans were put on hold. The reason for this is the number of complaints filed by customers.

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According to the APS, the suspension is justified due to the large number of complaints about assistance coverage for the health plans listed by the agency. The work is the result of the service warranty follow-up.

health insurance

By limiting the SLA, the marketing of 12 health plans has been temporarily suspended, in order to protect consumer rights. Thus, since March 22, the sale of all is prohibited in Brazil.

CV marketing will only be launched after these health plans introduce effective measures to improve customer service. The tracking showed more than 33,300 complaints registered between January 10 and December 30 last year. Despite the pending health plans, 11 more marketed have been launched.

According to the ANS, 83,286 beneficiaries were protected by the suspension procedure. Additionally, ANS advice is that consumers do not use plans that have been placed on hold. And if they receive an offer, such as promotions and other offers, they must report the practice to the National Complementary Health Agency.

Additionally, according to the ANS, additional monitoring will continue throughout this year, as it is standard practice for the agency. It is a way of forcing health plans to provide quality care. As well as the coverage specified in agreement with the customers.