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B Magazine: Saint Francis Health Plans Help Businesses and Patients Save Money While Keeping Care Close to Home (04/05/22)

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Even though most businesses have reopened following the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have struggled to find employees. Wage increases were not enough to bring back the workforce.

Those who can also offer a set of competitive advantages stand out in the market; however, some companies struggle to offer health benefits at a price that fits their budget.

Health insurance can be the most difficult expense for an employer to contain,” said Alex Ogburn, vice president of Saint Francis Health Plans. “Whether you have five employees or 5,000, Saint Francis Health Plans strives to save employers money on health care costs and improve overall employee health.”

Saint Francis Health Plans is a direct contract health insurance option backed by the nationally recognized quality and safety of the Saint Francis Health System.

For employers who may like the lower rates offered by Saint Francis health plans, but worry that their employees will have to switch providers, this is not the case.

Saint Francis Health Plans is an extensive network, which means there are no restrictions on which doctor you can see or which facility you can visit.

For example, if a local healthcare provider has a contract with Aetna, the provider would be able to accept Saint Francis Health Plans members through the Aetna network without tight network restrictions.

Additionally, if an employee is already in treatment, pregnant, or seeing a provider outside of the coverage area, she will not be required to switch Saint Francis providers upon joining.

Saint Francis assures that employers and their employees will not only have access to the award-winning, high-quality care of the Saint Francis Healthcare System, but also most other local providers. This collaboration keeps care local while reducing costs and benefiting the communities they are called upon to serve.

“You’ll be connected to everything the Saint Francis Health System has to offer,” Ogburn said, “and our services are provided by the local doctors and nurses you know and trust.”

By design, Saint Francis Health Plans is community-based to keep care local, with the belief that patients deserve to receive care close to home with the support of family and friends. Health plan members enjoy full coverage, even if care is needed outside the local area, using existing networks without restrictions.

“Our approach to healthcare is designed to reduce member and employer costs, improve member benefits and build long-term partnerships with healthcare providers,” Ogburn said. “We believe that maintaining local care while providing personalized health care services and care coordination is best for our local employers and providers.”

With Saint Francis Health Plans, employers and employees will benefit from clarity on health care costs, receive guidance and assistance in managing these costs, and be part of an integrated system.

Saint Francis Health Plans understands the importance of collaborative care and provides businesses and their staff with affordable healthcare, award-winning quality, provider selection and managed care.

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