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Beneficiaries of health plans migrated to cheaper system or fled changes in Bahia, US news agency reports

With Medicare demand declining during the pandemic, the ANS set a lower value of 8.19% for the plans, between May 2021 and April 2022. However, according to the agency, this information will not appear in the plans. coupons only from the anniversary date of each plan. In addition, the reduction is only valid for individual and family plans.

Kitchen assistant Lourdes Santos had to cancel the plan because she could no longer afford the monthly fee. “The situation does not allow it. The salary does not allow it. Either you have health insurance or you eat, ”he said.

A physical education teacher, Rafael Borel Cesena, said he had had a health plan for years and considered canceling it when the pandemic started. This is because he knew his wife was pregnant and the value of the diet would increase by 50%.

He explained, “The first thing we thought about was canceling the plan. Then we saw a new opportunity and another plan with a value close to what we paid for before, and we were able to implement portability with the same benefits.

According to insurance broker Lêde Biridinba, many policyholders have changed their plans. In addition, she explained that it is possible to reduce the monthly fees and maintain the same level of service, while studying each case.

“Everyone who sells cosmetics, fruit or bags has an individual plan, register with the small individual entrepreneur [MEI] , then change the plan from individual to business by MEI. I had a client who paid 3000 BRL on one plan. I lowered it to R $ 1,500.

Another strategy used by Bahia to pay less is to change the plan only for outpatients, who do not have hospitalization, to reduce the amount.

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