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Brighton Health Plan Solutions to administer the Northwell Health Employee Health Benefit Plan

NEW YORK, October 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Northwell Health, New York state largest health care provider and private employer, selected a health aid company Brighton Health Plan Solutions to administer all employee health insurance plans for its approximately 75,000 employees and dependents who will have access to care through the Northwell Direct network. The combination of Brighton’s third-party administrative services with the Northwell Direct network enables a direct-to-employer network contract model that promotes high-quality care without the need for a traditional insurer. This is the first time that Northwell Health has chosen direct outsourcing for its benefits plan.

Start January 1, 2022, Brighton will provide complaints handling, online and mobile support and customer service to all Northwell Health employees and dependents who receive their care through the Northwell Direct network, which includes nearly 20,000 providers in the new York Metropolitan area. Brighton’s Member Support Center, made up of dozens of highly trained and dedicated customer service representatives, will support members as they transition to the Northwell Direct network. Brighton will also supply its Create® Technology online platform and mobile application, which includes specialized tools for administering benefit claims and activating, engaging and navigating members.

The contract builds on the success of Brighton’s existing relationships with Northwell Health and Northwell Direct. Since 2021, Brighton has administered Northwell Health’s high-deductible healthcare plan for approximately 1,000 non-union employees who have moved to the Northwell Direct network. Northwell Direct also chose Brighton as its first TPA partner for the marketing of its network of suppliers.

“Employers are asking for innovative, straightforward solutions like the Northwell Direct network as they invest in new strategies to control costs and promote better care,” said Brighton Health Plan Solutions director of sales and marketing. Michelle zettergren. “The ability to both administer all plans for Northwell Health employees and partner with Northwell Direct to bring its network of high quality providers directly to other employers is an important step in improving the ‘access to high quality care that is convenient, coordinated and cost effective. “

A for-profit commercial enterprise of Northwell Health, Northwell Direct provides businesses in the new York metropolitan area an opportunity to contract directly with a network of efficient service providers as well as health and well-being services for their employees. Since launching in 2020, Northwell Direct has partnered with major national and regional employers such as Whole Foods, JetBlue, and RXR Realty on a range of direct-to-employer health care programs.

“As a provider-centric organization, we believe the provider should always be at the heart of medical decision-making,” said the CEO of Northwell Direct. Nick stefanizzi. “In Brighton, we have found a like-minded organization that understands the value of direct network contracts with the employer and shares our mission to provide high quality healthcare in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. . “

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