Health plans

concert economy: GigVistas partners with Alyve Health to launch health plans for concert workers

GigVistas, the AI-powered stage work platform, has announced its partnership with Alyve Health to launch comprehensive health plans for the more than 8 million professionals in the concert economy in India.

The newly launched plans are the first in India to cover concert professionals and their families and are affordable, keeping in mind the specific needs of independent contractors, freelancers and concert professionals.

From today, all GigVistas members will be able to purchase comprehensive and affordable health coverage for themselves or their family. Plans start from Rs. 999 per year for their families and are between 40-70% cheaper than similar products available to retail customers. The plans offer benefits including health coverage up to Rs. 30 lakh and options to extend coverage to parents aged up to the age of 75. Digital healthcare, including free access to on-call doctors and discounts on drugs and diagnostics, is included in the plan.

“We realized that gig workers and freelancers often miss out on the benefits a full-time employee enjoys, especially a group health plan. Our health plans have therefore been designed by Alyve Health to match or exceed the benefits of group health coverage provided by the employer, ”said Anilesh Seth, co-founder and CEO of GigVistas.

The launch of health insurance for concert professionals is also an important step in the journey towards creating a trusted concert ecosystem that ensures the safety of concert professionals and simultaneously enables companies to find top talent. quality for their just-in-time hiring needs, Seth added. .

“Health insurance coverage is quickly becoming an expensive investment. We have an ideal partner in GigVistas to bring our insurance solutions to millions of independent professionals in India who are otherwise not eligible for group health coverages ”said Shashank Avadhani, Co-Founder and CEO of Alyve Health.

GigVistas said members who purchase the health plans will receive additional benefits of free on-call physician (GP) consultation for 12 months, drug discounts, and exclusive access to health and wellness programs. well-being. In addition, concert professionals will be able to take out health insurance online on GigVistas without requiring medical visits prior to issuance.

According to a 2021 report by the Boston Consulting Group and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, India has 8 million workers or professionals, and the number of flexible jobs or concerts could reach 90 million in 8 to 10 years. Another ASSOCHAM report states that India has around 15 million self-employed workers engaged in projects in sectors such as IT, human resources and design.