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County chooses health benefits manager | New

CLINTON – The Clinton County Board of Directors has approved permission from Clinton County consultant Aaron Viertel to get a deal with True RX to serve as the county’s health benefits manager.

The supervisory board unanimously approved a motion this week.

Supervisors approved a motion to terminate the contract on September 27. Supervisory board chairman Tom Determann said the termination is effective at the end of the year.

The consultant group has been monitoring the performance of the county’s current deal with Elixir for several years, Viertel said.

“We had some difficulties with maintaining the terms of the agreement,” said Viertel. “And there have been service issues that have caused problems for both the auditor’s department and HR (human resources) as they work together to develop plans for the future.”

They have also seen costs rise mainly due to the increase in salaries, Viertel said. The increases are mainly in the area of ​​cancer treatment, he said.

“We are looking to offset some of these cost increases by using a more aggressive approach to cutting costs through discounts, which is mainly where the current deal is structurally insufficient,” said Viertel.

Viertel said True RX’s proposal appeared to be the most competitive and allow the most containment over the three-year cost projection period.

Determann noted that all three proposals would save the county money.

“We got three good quotes,” Determann said.