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Egyptian Parliament approves 3 agreements supporting Upper Egypt’s health insurance system and development

Egyptian Parliament – DOSSIER

CAIRO – May 12, 2022: Egypt’s parliament on Thursday approved three agreements that support the country’s health insurance system and the development of Upper Egypt.

First chord:

Among the agreements approved is a decision of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt relating to a partnership agreement entitled “Technical expertise and transfer of expertise fund” between the Arab Republic of Egypt, the French Foundation of expertise and the French Development Agency regarding the implementation of a technical cooperation project to support the comprehensive health insurance reform in Egypt which was signed on September 16, 2021.

The agreement aims to define the terms under which the French Development Agency provides funding to the Egyptian government to support the reform of comprehensive health insurance in all the governorates of Egypt and support the beneficiaries (Ministry of Health and Population- Comprehensive Health Insurance Authority- General Health Accreditation and Control Authority- Health Care Authority- Economic Justice Unit).

It also aims to review organizational plans, processes and tools, including the strengthening of the IT system, as well as to assess the first phase of development of the comprehensive health insurance system and to develop the performance of supervision and monitoring. evaluation of comprehensive health insurance, and representatives of the relevant authorities carrying out a study visit to study and coordinate between institutions and IT systems the French systems related to health insurance. Mass.

The second approval was for a President’s decision on the approval of the African Development Bank Governors’ Decision No. 5/2021 issued on March 5, 2021, authorizing the temporary special increase in the bank’s callable capital.

This increase is intended to avoid downgrading the African Development Bank’s credit rating from its current “AAA” level, and it is also a temporary increase, as these shares expire on December 31, 2023, and the bank may terminate them before that date.

Third chord:

The House of Representatives also approved a resolution of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding the approval of the Agreement on Financing the Sustainable Transformation of Agricultural Harmonization in Upper Egypt (STAR) between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, signed in Rome on 28/1/2022.

The program aims to contribute to the improvement of the standard of living of the target groups in the Upper Egyptian governorates of Minya, Assiut and Sohag, by helping these groups to develop their capacity to cope with future water scarcity and climatic risks through the increased adoption of efficient production systems and irrigation techniques, as well as the improvement of the productivity and quality of various products, in addition to improving its profitability and diversifying its sources of income thanks to a set of small projects.

According to the agreement, the International Fund for Agricultural Development grants the Arab Republic of Egypt a loan of 57 million and 440 thousand euros and a grant of one million and 180 thousand euros, to support the trend towards a transformation sustainable agricultural adaptation in Upper Egypt, improve smallholder productivity, support social development programs and gender equality. Egypt is also providing cash and in-kind funding to fund the sustainable transformation program, it is estimated at US$15.5 million.