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ELMWOOD PARK, NJ, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare connectivity, prepares for RISE National 2022 in Nashville, the company is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Astrata. Like ELLKAY, Astrata is an innovator in its field, developing natural language processing (NLP) and other analytical technologies to enable health plans to effectively analyze structured and unstructured clinical data and improve patient-based care. on the value. ELLKAY is known for solutions that provide two-way data exchange, which is becoming increasingly important as vendor compensation continues to be tied to quality metrics.

An estimated 50-80% of clinical data in an EMR is unstructured, according to a 2019 report by Health informatics research. Using NLP to review and map useful unstructured data will complement ELLKAY’s solutions that seamlessly connect payers and providers for increased clinical data efficiency, accuracy and interoperability. As a leader in healthcare data management for 20 years, ELLKAY continuously innovates solutions focused on increasing interoperability between the five healthcare segments: Health Plans, Hospitals and Health Systems, laboratories, health informatics providers and ambulatory care facilities.

In 2020, the Astrata team was selected to participate in the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) NLP Working Group. Partnering with forward-thinking companies, like Astrata, is how the health plan industry will achieve the seismic shift needed to align with the consumer focus and digital transformation of healthcare. “Partnerships like ELLKAY and Astrata are advancing value-based care with actionable insights to accurately measure quality of care and population health. improving the quality of care,” said Shreya Pateldirector of innovation and products at ELLKAY.

Rebecca JacobsonMD, MS, President of Astrata explained, “Astrata’s technology is serving as a catalyst for the transformation that healthcare plans are about to experience. Traditionally, payers have used billing and claims information to assess the quality of healthcare against HEDIS® measures. information is available in medical records, however, the process of extracting this information is laborious, expensive and not scalable. This partnership aims to help payers and providers access clean and usable data available at their disposal to improve the health of the population.

The ELLKAY team will be at RISE National on March 7-9 at booth #1306. Julie BourgonDirector of Customer Success, and Stephen Gasiorekregional director of payer sales, will discuss how health plans can improve access to provider data/tables for risk adjustment and quality initiatives during a panel discussion on March 9 from 8am-9am CST.

Learn more about ELLKAY, visit www.ELLKAY.comcall (201) 791-0606 or email [email protected]. For more information on Astrata at Visit with ELLKAY team to Tennessee at RISE National booth #1306, or schedule a meeting here.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

About Astrata

Astrata is a digital quality company, offering a full suite of products and services for value-driven health plans and providers moving from paper-based clinical quality measurements to digital clinical quality measurements. Astrata’s products enable better measurement and improvement of healthcare quality, a foundation for moving to value-based care. Astrata’s value propositions include dramatic efficiency gains, higher clinical rates and increased quality bonuses. For more information visit:


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