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Friday Health Plans sponsors art therapy program for those affected by Boulder County fires

The goal of the program is to help residents overcome the trauma of recent fires by providing support in a safe environment. Art therapy is a type of evidence-based therapy that can help the brain process and reformat traumatic memories and images. Sessions are free for current or displaced residents of the City of Superiorcity ​​of Louisville and unincorporated areas of Boulder County due to sponsorship of the Friday Health Plans program.

“We are delighted to sponsor the art therapy program for those affected by Boulder County fires. Like a Coloradocompany-based, we feel deeply connected to the Rock Metropolitan area. Some of our members and employees were directly affected by the tragedy. We knew we had to do something to help the community recover and this seemed like the perfect way to do it,” said Sal NiceCEO of Friday Health Plans.

Friday Health Plans champions an integrated approach to healthcare and promotes $0 unlimited mental health counseling as part of many of their plans. Understanding the trauma many Bounder County residents have suffered from the recent fires, the organization wanted to help people in their recovery to have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

Civic leaders in areas affected by the fires are continually looking for ways to help their communities heal and understand that the road to recovery is a long-term, multi-faceted journey.

“I am so grateful for Friday Health Plans sponsorship of the free art therapy program in partnership with the Superior Chamber of Commerce,” said Tim Howardcity ​​of Superior curator. “As I have spoken with other communities across the country who have experienced wildfires, again and again, the importance of providing ongoing opportunities to come together to heal has been emphasized…this art- therapy is hopefully one of the first of many such programs available to our residents in the coming months.”

The fires took place on December 30, 2021in Boulder County destroying 1,084 buildings and injuring six people in the city of Superiorcity ​​of Louisville and unincorporated Boulder County areas.

For more information on the art therapy program, visit the Superior Chamber of Commerce website at or email the program coordination team at [email protected].

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