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Health Benefits of Black-eyed Peas – Consumer Reports

Black-Eyed Peas have a creamy texture and earthy essence that intensifies as they simmer. They are widely available as dried beans, but you can also find them fresh, frozen, or canned.

Soaking dried black-eyed peas overnight is optional, but will reduce cooking time. It also helps boost the beans’ absorption of iron and zinc, as the soaking helps reduce phytic acid, a naturally occurring substance in beans that binds to certain minerals, making them harder to absorb. by the body.

These beans pair well with bold flavors. “Black-eyed peas are typically cooked in a pot with some type of marinated, salted, or smoked meat, garlic, onions, thyme, and red bell pepper,” says Miller. Using small amounts of meat for seasoning respects tradition and delivers that authentic, signature smoky flavor you expect from a pot of beans. For a vegan dish with a similar flavor, replace the meat with a rich vegetable broth and add a pinch of smoked salt. You can also switch it up completely by adding cooked tomatoes for that umami flavor. Or try Hoppin’ John, a savory dish of black-eyed peas and rice traditionally served on New Year’s Day.

While you could stop at these traditional southern preparations, black-eyed pea recipes are only limited by your creativity and taste buds. Kasago suggests trying red-red black-eyed peas, a rich and savory Ghanaian stew of tomatoes and palm oil often served with a side of plantains, or adding them to a casserole of rice with a bit of coconut milk for delicious peas and rice. plate.

You can try marinating black-eyed peas in an olive oil vinaigrette, then toss them with kale, tomatoes, peppers, and onions for a hearty, hearty green salad. They make a good base to use in a veggie burger recipe or, as the Culinary Institute of America suggests, you can use black-eyed peas to extend burgers or meatballs made with ground beef or lamb. . For burgers, use 2 parts meat to 1 part cooked bean puree. For meatballs made with a binder (eggs or bread), use 1 part meat to 1 part beans.