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Here is why you should add Aliv to your diet; Health benefits and more

Aliv seeds are rich in nutrients and therefore offer many health benefits

Aliv seeds, also known as Halim or Asariyo seeds, are loaded with a variety of nutrients and therefore have many health benefits and therefore are a valuable addition to your diet. Aliv seeds are widely referred to as garden watercress seeds and they promote overall health and wellness in addition to helping with common problems such as acidity and bloating. Besides being rich in protein and iron, living seeds are also loaded with fiber. Bearing in mind the different uses of alive seeds, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar explains the benefits in an article, calling them a “secret beauty pill.”

In her article, Rujuta Diwekar said that aliv seeds can be best eaten in the form of a laddoo, “with coconut, jaggery and ghee.” Sharing a photo of a plate of laddoos, she wrote: “Rolled up with bare hands, with love in my heart and a smile on my face.”

She further listed by whom the live seeds can be eaten. Rujuta Diwekar said the seeds are “a must have for every prepubescent boy and girl so they don’t lack iron and make a smooth transition to puberty with robust hemoglobin levels.”

The seeds are essential for teens, added Rujuta Diwekar, explaining that the folate will help prevent rashes. She also described aliv as “the best-kept fertility secret,” recommending it to all couples considering starting a family.

Aliv, added the nutritionist, is also an essential part of the diet of anyone experiencing “peri and postmenopause, as sulforaphane helps prevent and remove pigmentation in the skin.” She also added that the live seeds could help prevent acidity, bloating and “other travel-related headaches.”

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Before that, Rujuta Diwekar also listed a bunch of “divine winter delicacies”. Its five main ingredients are sugar cane, berry, tamarind, amla and til gul.

The nutritionist always focuses on healthy, home-cooked foods and local products that will benefit both mind and body.

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