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Hong Kong start-up Caretia announces the launch of its new digital healthcare platform in Asia

Caretia is a Hong Kong-based startup committed to developing workable healthcare plans. The brand announces its new digital healthcare services platform to empower its clients’ staff and the healthcare industry.

Keto, a digital healthcare start-up in Asia, has announced the launch of a brand new digital healthcare platform. The platform provides recommendations and presents teams with personalized health plans to motivate and promote healthier lifestyles.

Unlike individual training motivation apps, Caretia’s digital healthcare the plans are deliberately designed to improve the health and work efficiency of the company’s staff groups. Caretia works with some of the most prominent industry leaders in the Asian market. She is developing a practical stress prediction model with TalkMatters, a psychological counseling center in Hong Kong.

Caretia’s health insurance plans are invaluable to both established mature businesses and new startups:

“The digital health transformation continues to gain momentum in Asia. Combining telehealth and AI technologies, we offer a low-cost but effective solution to SMEs and startups in Asia, with the aim of improving employee well-being ”, said Philip Tsang, co-founder and CEO of Caretia.

Caretia uses technologies powered by artificial intelligence and focuses on refining and optimizing its brand new digital health platform. The brand’s healthcare plans are ideal for small businesses and large businesses. The intelligently designed user interface, versatility and plethora of exercises of Caretia healthcare plans deliver comprehensive health benefits quickly and reliably.

The brand’s vision and commitment was noticed and supported by Cyberport, a Hong Kong government-backed community of over 1,650 startups and technology companies. Cyberport has funded Caretia’s efforts to develop a comprehensive digital healthcare platform.

Caretia is committed to helping its customers, and customers organize healthier, more user-friendly work environments and thrive as productivity increases. Caretia offers affordable and cost-effective healthcare plans and packages through innovative AI-based solutions combined with innovative telehealth solutions. Members benefit from special offers, as well as discounts on various services.

More information about Caretia is available on the brand’s website official site.

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