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Idaho releases preliminary health insurance premium rates

The Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI) received preliminary health insurance premium rates from health insurance companies for plans sold from January 2022.

The DOI is reviewing Medicare companies’ Medicare premium rate submissions for individual and breakout plans next year. These proposed health insurance premium rates are published on the DOI website at

The proposed average change in premium by metal level, the corresponding 2022 tariffs by plan, and carriers’ explanations for the changes are being made public for comment. The DOI has the power to determine “unreasonable” rates if requests are not sufficiently substantiated. The final prices will be available to the public on October 1, 2021 at the same web address.

“While we have seen and experienced increased costs in many industries, the proposed health insurance premium rates for 2022 are similar or, in some cases, lower than their 2021 rates,” Deputy Director Wes said. Trexler. “There is also a new carrier, Molina Healthcare, which has applied to offer individual market plans. We welcome inquiries and comments from the public.

Comments, questions or ideas can be emailed to [email protected] or by post to the following address:

Comments on 2021 rates
Idaho Department of Insurance
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