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INFB Health Plans Announces Over 4,300 Hoosiers Are Now Enrolled

Indiana Farm Bureau announced today that the Indiana Farm Bureau’s Health Plans had more than 1,700 active plans at the end of the third quarter, an increase of nearly 20% from the end of the second quarter. Additionally, the INFB health plans will not increase the rates for traditional health plans, which provide health coverage options for individuals and families, for the 2022 calendar year.

From January 1 to September 30, 2021, enrollments in the INFB Health Plans, a range of more affordable health care offerings, totaled 1,793 active plans, which equates to 4,392 lives covered. The current distribution of coverage for these plan holders includes:

  • 1,455 traditional health plans (individual and family plans);
  • 247 dental and ophthalmological regimes; and
  • 91 Supplementary health insurance plans.

The fourth quarter of each year is the open enrollment period for most Employer Plans and the Affordable Care Act. Existing INFB members can apply for and receive coverage through the INFB health plans at any time of the year, but the fourth trimester is a good time for them to assess their health care options. health. On average, a plan offered through INFB Health Plans can save families 50-70% compared to ACA plans that are not federally subsidized.

“As individuals and families review their health benefits during this time, it is imperative to understand the plan offerings, the changes made and the premium adjustments to be expected,” said Patrick Williams, director of plans. INFB health. “INFB’s health plans are a great option for those who want to explore their health care options for themselves and their dependents outside of a group plan. In addition, no premium increases are expected for traditional health plans covering individuals and families, which is essentially unheard of in the industry, ”added Williams.

Erin Holbert, an INFB member of Holbert Farms, a corn and soybean farm in Vermillion County, was previously on an ACA plan before switching to INFB health plans earlier this year.

“The costs were outrageous,” said Holbert. “At one point, I was paying up to $ 10,000 out of my pocket to see a specialist. As soon as I heard that the Indiana Farm Bureau offered health plan options, I checked it out. I was happy to save around $ 160 per month and my specialists were included, so I signed up right away.

Holbert, who has a traditional health plan, was recently involved in an agricultural accident where the tire of a large sprayer slammed her to the ground, injuring her foot. She consulted emergency care, surgeons and specialists to obtain the necessary care.

“Following the accident, I am very grateful to have health plans from the INFB,” noted Holbert. “I don’t think it would have been this easy or affordable with the ACA plan. I haven’t received any invoices yet, but I don’t feel worried about the financial side of things with my current plan.

Before returning to work full time on the family farm three years ago, Holbert worked as an account manager in a seed company. Today, in addition to working on the farm, Holbert has his own online store, Heart of the Midwest, which offers fashionable clothing that defends farming. She started the business herself in 2019.

“As a small business owner, it’s been nice to save money each month thanks to the lower premium in the health care plan,” said Holbert. “I have recommended INFB Health Plans to a few other people like me who have returned to work full time on the family farm because it is a good affordable option.

Existing INFB members can apply for the INFB health plan at any time. . Medicare supplemental insurance plans do not require the 30-day waiting period.

INFB Health Plans is hosting a series of virtual meetings designed to assist members and non-members during the open registration period. Those interested can attend one of the virtual meetings taking place on Tuesday, October 26, Tuesday, November 9, and Tuesday, November 30 at 7 p.m. ET. Each meeting will cover an overview of the plan, eligibility requirements, underwriting, benefits and sample premiums.

To learn more about INFB health plans and to apply for coverage, please visit