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Justin Futrell Shares the Importance of Drinking Water Consultation and Health Benefits

Justin Futrell, CSFS, benefits consultant at TrueNorth Companies, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

Justin Futrell was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

Justin Futrell, CSFS, benefits consultant at TrueNorth Companies, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

Beverly Hills, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Justin Futrell speaks with Mission Matters about his clean water initiatives for Tanzania, as well as his efforts to introduce better quality healthcare services to the place of work.

Listen to Justin Futrell’s full interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Money Podcast.

What mission matters to you?

“The mission that matters to me is to seek to impact millions of lives,” he says, “personally through clean water initiatives and professionally as a benefits consultant working with leadership teams to help them improve their ability to improve their investment in their people.”

Futrell says he believes everyone has the ability to impact the world around them. Through TrueNorth Companies, he aims to create better opportunities for people and see the resulting benefits grow.

Tell us about your clean water initiative for Tanzania.

Recalling the initiative’s roots, he says, “It all started with me alone: ​​I set myself the goal of doing 1,000 pull-ups in one day, and now we have over a thousand people doing 75,000 pull-ups. to raise awareness and funds for clean water.”

More than 2,000 people, consisting of individuals, sports teams, school classes and gymnasiums, answered the call to raise awareness about clean water through the #PullupsForTanzania initiative. “We’ve done four fundraisers so far, we’ve raised $175,000, and it’s touched about 35,000 lives,” Futrell says.

What is TrueNorth?

TrueNorth Companies, he explains, is an insurance brokerage and consulting services firm headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It has nearly 500 employees.

“Our vision is to create a legacy business with an entrepreneurial platform that attracts, develops and coordinates high performing talent,” he said. “Our mission is to protect and maximize businesses and people with their assets, resources and opportunities.”

What should business leaders consider when hiring a consultant?

“We want to provide systematic education, be there for your employees when they need it, and help you make strategic decisions that best position your employees for affordable, high-quality health care,” Futrell says, and emphasizes the importance of making decisions. based on good data.

Three crucial aspects to consider before working with a benefits company, he notes, are caring about your employees, recognizing that current costs associated with health care are too high, and being open to mind to hear another way to improve your business. For his part, he explains, he educates management teams on how they can bring success and transparency to their health plans and helps them identify and implement strategies to control rising health care costs. Health care.

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