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AUSTIN, TX, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Personalized, all-digital health insurance is a major industry trend, according to recent reports, and KindHealth, an artificial intelligence-powered health insurance marketplace, is delivering this personalized experience to individual buyers of large companies.

KindHealth, launched in 2015 by a team of tech entrepreneurs and health insurance experts, is a health insurance marketplace that uses AI to assess customer needs and match them with plans that fit. their medical needs and personal budgets.

“Innovation is what we do,” said Albert Pomales, Chief Operating Officer of KindHealth. “We knew there had to be a better way to buy health insurance, and that’s why we developed our system. KindHealth innovates because it’s what people need, and we’re grateful to have developed technology that makes it easy for people to get quality health care.”

Reports from Deloitte and IBM point to what KindHealth offers as the future of health insurance.

“In search of personalized coverage, customers invite insurers to respond with a new generation of insurance centered on connecting with customers,” wrote IBM’s industry consultants. “On-demand insurance lends itself to customization and convenience, with customers purchasing coverage online when and where they want it.”

Deloitte’s survey of insurance executives identified flexible and personalized insurance plans as the second most important factor in attracting new customers. He also found strong digital platforms and bespoke products as two of the three most important factors in building customer loyalty.

KindHealth embodies this new and improved way of providing health care plans. When choosing to enroll in benefits, customers can shop on the modern, all-digital platform, without needing to speak to agents. KindHealth offers health insurance as well as ancillary products such as dental, vision, accident and gap insurance.

Before signing up, customers can compare and contrast plans within the platform to find the right plan that best suits their needs. Quotes are available and the online registration process sends the request directly to the carrier on behalf of the consumer, ensuring the consumer stays on the KindHealth digital experience. User data remains anonymous and cannot be used, stored or sold to other providers.

“Providing this modern platform and user experience shows how KindHealth has evolved as a modern brand, but it also shows how the healthcare industry can evolve,” Pomales said. “A health insurance market using data analytics can support efficiency and equity in healthcare, as it identifies problems and solutions, predicts future actions, and helps providers allocate limited resources .”

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About KindHealth

KindHealth is an insurance discovery platform launched in 2015 and based in Austin, TXfounded by a team of entrepreneurs Albert Pomales, Andrew Tomasik, Mark Adams and John Constantine. KindHealth’s platform is powered by cutting-edge technology that recommends the best insurance plan for consumers’ needs and budget, enabling KindHealth to better understand its customers and offer the right insurance plan. Additionally, KindHealth’s Marketplace Builder™ enables companies of all categories – from big tech brands to insurtech startups – to offer their customers white label digital insurance solutions. Visit

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KindHealth responds to the trend towards fully digital and personalized health insurance

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KindHealth responds to the trend towards fully digital and personalized health insurance
KindHealth responds to the trend towards fully digital and personalized health insurance

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KindHealth responds to the trend towards fully digital and personalized health insurance


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