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Mental health care provider Meru Health partners with Tech-Savvy health insurance company Evry Health to provide evidence-based mental health care

SAN MATEO, Calif., January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meru Health, the most comprehensive mental health solution on the market with industry-leading results, and Evry Health, a modern multi-company health insurance company, today announced that it will partner to provide Meru Health solution to Evry Health members in Dallas, TX departure January 2022.

Meru Health online mental health solution will be integrated as part of Evry Health bespoke wellness plans that cost the employer or their employees nothing. These specialized and optional wellness solutions offer a wide range of resources, tools and rewards that differ from other health insurance plans, including benefits such as mental health support through Meru Health. Members will be recommended to the program based on pre-screening criteria as well as Evry Health data analysis.

For example, if Evry Health receives a claim for cancer screening and oncologist claims, this is an indicator to proactively connect the member to Meru Health mental health program and support cycles. The partnership will focus on delivering results-driven mental health care and will reward members for following their personalized care journeys. A member who completes Meru Health The 12-week therapy program can go up to $100 reward for doing so.

“This is a whole new way to deliver mental health care and we are proud to partner with Meru Health to change the way the system works together,” said Chris Gay, Evry Health CEO. “Focusing on outcomes is how mental health care – and health care in general – should be delivered now and in the future. We are confident that our members will receive the best care possible based on value and will see their mental health improve over time. Meru Health program.”

Incentivizing members to take care of their mental health can lead to significant savings down the line. According to Data of the BCBS, people with major depression are on average almost 30% less healthy than those without depression. This decrease in general health results in increased costs: a depressed person has $6,390 more healthcare costs than non-depressed people each year.


Evry Health encourages participants to focus on better mental health through its voluntary wellness plans. Rewards are deposited into an Evry Health Reward card which members use like any other credit card.

Meru Health focuses on delivering the best long and short term results in the market. After the program ends, 75% of people are in remission from symptoms of depression or anxiety and 85% of people show clinically meaningful improvement, as measured by industry standards PHQ-9 (depression) and GAD-7 (anxiety) Balance. The Meru Health Program is one of the only digital mental health interventions with publications to research this shows that these treatment gains last 12 months after treatment ends.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner Evry Health, which is changing health insurance just as we are transforming mental health care,” said Christian Ranta, CEO of Meru Health. “Together, we can truly deliver patient-centered care that ensures people put their mental health first. Health plans and employers would benefit greatly from focusing more on outcomes. The question we should be asking is: do people get better and stay better after treatment? Evry Health will be a model in the industry to start focusing more on outcomes of care.”

On Meru Health

Meru Health is setting the new standard in mental health care with the most comprehensive online solution that combines licensed therapists and psychiatrists, a smartphone treatment program, biofeedback training, anonymous peer support and counseling activities. change in habits for sleep, nutrition, etc.

The company is committed to providing evidence-based care and has published groundbreaking clinical results with Stanford, Harvard and UC Davis which show promising clinical efficacy and long-lasting results. Meru Health offers a convenient, accessible and side-effect free mental health treatment option unlike the standard of care in the we today. Meru Health partners with leading health insurance providers like Cigna, Humana and Moda Health, as well as leading companies that want to provide the best mental health care to their employees or members. For more information, visit and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Evry Health

Based at dallas, Evry Health is not your standard health plan. We are on a mission to make health care affordable, transparent and of high quality again by providing extended benefits at an affordable price, reducing premiums by up to 20%. We’re building the health insurance we’ve always wanted for ourselves, with a high-tech, mobile-centric experience focused on helping people live better, healthier lives. For more information, visit

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