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Moda Health Plans Now Available In Austin


It’s time to subscribe to your mutual for next year. Registration is open from November 1 to January 1. 15 for 2022 coverage.

Jason Gootee, vice president of Moda Health, joined Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to discuss some tips for choosing the right plan for you.

First off, Moda Health is new to Austin, isn’t it?

“Yes, we’re new to Austin, but our roots are in Texas. Our CEO was born and raised in Texas, and that influence defines how our company approaches people and business – keeping it simple, delivering great value and supporting your community.

It is therefore time to register for health care. Do you have any tips to share with our viewers?

‘Absoutely. First, make sure the plan you choose includes your current doctor or offers providers plenty of options. For example, Moda has partnered with providers in Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties including St. David’s Hospital, Austin Regional Clinic, etc.

Very important. What else?

“More and more people are looking for telehealth options that allow quick, easy and convenient virtual care from the comfort of their home. So, check out what telehealth options, if any, are offered with the plans. “

Tell me about telehealth options.

“Well, with Moda Health you can text or call a doctor any time of the day or night. I have four children and this option has been of tremendous help and relief, especially when your child is sick at 2 a.m. We also offer virtual mental health support, including mobile therapy, counseling and stress management. “

What about the other benefits?

“Make sure you know what your plan doesn’t cover as well as what it covers. For example, Moda Health covers vision, but most diets don’t. So, be sure to plan for this.

“We also know the people of Austin are very active and tech-savvy, so we’ve partnered up with Fitbit to offer discounts on their products and free premium access to their coaching and health services. You can track your activity, share the results with your doctor, and engage or compete with your friends and family.

It’s good to know. What about the prices?

“Prices vary depending on the plan, but the good news is that the president’s ‘US bailout’ offers expanded healthcare purchasing grants for 2022. Make sure you have access to all grants to which you are entitled to save money. “

How do our viewers benefit from these subsidies?

“You can go to to view options, access your grants, and sign up for a plan. But be patient. It may take some time to read everything and register. Or you can go directly to and view our benefits, access the grant you’re eligible for, and sign up for a plan in minutes.

Registration is open from November 1 to January 1. 15. Call 855-718-1767 for Moda Health plans.

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