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New MD Law Biden plan cuts health insurance costs / Public Information Service

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – The open enrollment period for Maryland Health Insurance runs until January 15, and whether you are younger or older, additional financial assistance is available, through a new state law and US bailout.

This year, Maryland enacted Senate Bill 729, establishing a pilot program to lower the costs of health insurance coverage for young adults, ages 18 to 34.

Stephanie Klapper, deputy director of the Maryland Citizen’s Health Initiative, said some people may be eligible for a plan for as little as a dollar a month, depending on their income and the size of their household.

“Even if you’ve looked for health coverage before, it’s worth coming back to Maryland Health Connection as savings are now available for those 18 to 34,” Klapper explained. “And thanks to the US bailout, there is new help for households at all income levels, even for people between the ages of 18 and 34.”

She said nine in 10 Marylanders who sign up for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection get financial help to pay for their plan. Look online at for more information.

Tammy Bresnahan, associate director of advocacy for AARP Maryland, urged the parents of these young adults to enroll and let their friends and relatives know about the cost reduction options.

She stressed that coverage is particularly important now, as the pandemic continues, as many people over the age of 50, especially women, have lost their jobs and the health insurance that came with them.

“This block of 50 to 64 years, they have problems to return to work, to find a job with health insurance,” observed Bresnahan. “So open enrollment also helps them acquire health insurance because they are the most at risk. “

She noted that all plans through Health Connection cover doctor visits, prescriptions, mental health services and more. You must register before December 31 to be covered in the New Year. If you wait to enroll in January, your coverage begins February 1, 2022.

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