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Nonprofit health plans report initiatives and progress towards affordable coverage and care

WASHINGTON, November 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As prices continue to skyrocket across the healthcare system, the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) remains committed to providing high-value coverage and care to consumers. Today, ACHA publishes its first Affordability Report, highlighting initiatives and proven successes over the past year to reduce health care costs in communities across the country.

The ACHP is committed to Healthcare 2030: A roadmap for ACHP reform report annually on practices and progress towards more affordable coverage and care: when health insurance plans manage premiums, deliver improved benefits, innovate to provide access to high quality care and reduce costs for governments and employers, the system – and the results – improve.

“The unique supplier partnerships of ACHA members and decades of experience in their communities drive their investment in the value of every dollar spent on health care,” said ACHA President and CEO Céci Connolly. “Particularly during a public health emergency that has limited access to care for many Americans, we are proud of our members’ steadfast commitment to improving affordability through tangible, evidence-based solutions. , while improving the quality and the consumer experience. “

Main findings of the ACHP Affordability Report 2021 include the following. ACHP Members:

  • Insurance premiums reduced or kept fixed, with some member companies reducing premiums by up to 10 percent.
  • Adding new health benefits or expanding existing ones without increasing costs to consumers.
  • Relocation of acute care and recovery services out of costly hospital settings and into the home, resulting in savings and improved patient satisfaction.
  • Provide useful price transparency tools, which allow consumers to shop by price, benefits and personalized services.
  • Expanded telehealth, improving affordable access to care, including three plans that launched one-of-a-kind virtual insurance products for premium savings of up to 20%.

President of Priorité Santé Praveen Thadani, whose plan introduced virtual first offerings with reduced premium costs, said, “Innovation is what drives our industry forward, and we’re proud to have been among the first in the country to launch a first and foremost unique and successful virtual product. , our team will continue to expand our virtual products first and will remain focused on affordability. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to high quality and affordable care. “

The Affordability Report 2021 includes examples of innovative approaches from ACHP member companies to promote quality and patient satisfaction. By creating flexible products to meet consumer needs, using technology to streamline existing processes, and bringing services to the patient – at home or in the community – ACHA members demonstrate their commitment to providing coverage and higher value care.

To learn more about ACHP member companies’ virtual care initiatives, visit the ACHP Care Anywhere blog. Learn more about the ACHP’s approach to transforming the healthcare system from volume to a value-driven model by listening to ACHA’s Healthy Dialogue podcast.

About the ACHP
The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) represents the country’s best performing nonprofit health plans for improving affordability and health system outcomes. Members are provider-aligned healthcare organizations that provide high-quality coverage and care to tens of millions of Americans. They are leading the industry in practical and proven reforms in primary care delivery, value-based payment and data-driven systems improvement. Learn more on the ACHA website and follow us on Twitter for the latest health information.

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