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Plan Sponsors, Members Have Different Views on Medicare, Survey Finds

In comparison, only 47 percent of plan members rated the quality of their health care plan as excellent (13 percent) or very good (34 percent). While that number has remained unchanged from 2020, it is down from 59% in 2006, when the question was first asked.

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Additionally, 10% of participants rated the quality of their diet as poor, up from 7% in 2020 and 4% in 2006. However, when participants were polled in a slightly different way – with the neutral response option to mid-point – 22 percent described their plan as excellent, 46 percent as good, 26 percent as adequate, and five percent as poor / very bad.

Over half (57%) of participants said their benefit plan meets their needs extremely or very well, unchanged from 2020 and in line with results since 2012. In 1999, when this question was asked for the first time, the result was 73%. However, 10 percent said their plan does not meet their needs, with personal health, work environment and job satisfaction being among the factors influencing the results.

When first asked in 2014 why they offer benefit plans, 67% of plan sponsors cited the general concept of “peace of mind for employees”. In 2021, 60 percent said their main reason was “to provide coverage so that employees are not placed under an undue financial burden,” while peace of mind slipped to fourth (51 percent) behind “to attract and retain employees” (57 percent) and “to keep employees healthy and productive” (56 percent).

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Three-quarters (74 percent) of plan sponsors reported receiving analyzes of claims data from their insurer or benefits consultant / advisor that identify key medical conditions in their workforce. That number is up from 69% in 2020 and 58% in 2018, when this question was first asked. Employers with 500 or more employees were much more likely to get this information (89 percent versus 54 percent for those with less than 50 employees).

One-third (31 percent) of plan sponsors said they receive these scans regularly, up from 22 percent in 2020 and 19 percent in 2018. Of the 26 percent who did not receive this report, 46 percent would like. As in previous years, plan sponsors who received this report were more likely to describe the quality of their health plan as excellent or good (80% vs. 56% of those who did not report this report). ) or to invest funds or other resources in welfare. regions over the next three years (76 percent vs. 41 percent).

“The pandemic has shed light on the health benefits in that people appreciate them more – not only employees, but also management teams,” said Heidi Worthington, member of the advisory board and senior vice president and Director of Revenue at Pacific Blue Cross. , in the report. “Plan sponsors take the time to assess the effectiveness of their plans based on benefit utilization and changes in care delivery models. “

Download the Benefits Canada Healthcare 2021 Survey Report here.