Health benefits

RCC RetailCare Health Benefit Program

The RCC RetailCare Health Benefits Program is created in partnership with Producers Group as the only health benefits program that has been developed specifically for RCC members. It leverages the buying power of the RCC network to provide access to premier health and wellness resources for you, your employees and their families.

The health benefits are complicated and time-consuming to manage and optimize. Worse still, most programs are not national in scope or available to part-timers. Ours is.

The experienced professionals at RCC RetailCare will ensure that your employees get best-in-class benefits at affordable rates and that you are able to offer competitive benefits, including permanent part-time employees who work 20 hours or more, with maximum tax efficiency.

Whether you’re a retailer with an online business, a single site looking to grow, or a long-time industry player, you can expect more coverage, personalized advice and consultation, all at rates that you could not access independently. .

Group purchasing power
For RCC RetailCare, we’ve teamed up with longtime insurance experts Producers Group on a national association program that gives you access to all the options available to multinational retailers at preferential prices.

Consultation and expert advice

Producers Group are the experts in the field of health benefits. They offer innovative approaches to maximizing the return on investment of your benefits spend.

Mark Ber, President of Producers Group, is a 35-year veteran in the life and group insurance business. He and his team believe that the success of group benefits programs is based on truly understanding the real, deeper needs of customers and helping them find the best way to provide their employees with coverage on the benefits they value. most.

Fully equipped and flexible
Individual plans are significantly limited in terms of the benefits and services you can receive and have significantly higher administrative costs. RCC RetailCare offers robust benefit options, customization flexibility with simplified automated administration, additional wellness resources, and benefits that only large organizations can typically offer.

The RCC RetailCare Health Benefits program is powered by Agile Benefits™, with its own industry-leading insurance product technology platform. It provides users with access to information and services related to health insurance, claims adjudication, wellness resources and benefits – all in a single, easy-to-use digital portal that offers employers and their employees an optimal benefits experience.