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The Key to Unlocking Your Employees’ Mental Health Benefits

There are many ways to access benefits in today’s vast ecosystem – help your employees unlock immediate access to mental health through point solutions, all-in-one solutions and networking benefits . Members want access to high-quality suppliers without being overwhelmed by reimbursable fees. This is especially true for the mental health benefits available in the network through health plans. This web chat, presented by Vida Health and produced by Crain’s Custom Content Studio, will highlight practical ways employers can use to unlock benefits in the network that will improve the health of their employees and also reduce overall expenses. health.

Topics covered include:

  • What to expect from networked mental health and how to integrate it into your ecosystem of benefits
  • How to activate on-demand mental health support that complements network therapy sessions
  • The value of integrating mental and physical health care together
  • How to encourage enrollment and ongoing engagement
  • How to Evaluate an Integrated Mental and Physical Care Solution


  • Moderator: Kevin Knight, Vice President of Marketing, Vida Health
  • Panelist : Chris Mosunic, Clinical Director, Vida Health
  • Panelist : Veeneta Lahkani, Executive Vice President of Growth and Operations, Vida Health

This webcast was recorded on September 30, 2021.