Health insurance

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah applies comprehensive health insurance for pilgrims

MINA: Saudi Red Crescent Authority volunteers provide many services and have many responsibilities to the pilgrims to Makkah during the Hajj season.

Many roles and tasks are entrusted to them, including the provision of outpatient, outreach and counseling services, from the time pilgrims arrive in Makkah until they depart after performing their rituals in peace and comfort.

Many volunteers highlighted their sense of pride in the efforts and services they provide to God’s guests, seen in various scenes in all corners of Makkah and holy sites, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi Red Crescent volunteers at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Abdulaziz bin Akil and Abdullah bin Jentih, said they carried out their duties faithfully along with their colleagues working in other sectors of the pilgrimage. This enabled them to help with sincerity, mercy and compassion the elderly, the disabled and the sick, who came in response to God’s call, seeking his forgiveness, mercy and acceptance.

The ambulance trainer, Ouhoud Al-Maliki, and her colleagues, Fahima Sindabi, Maha Al-Khalidi and Shoumoukh Al-Mouwaled, were happy to express their feelings of happiness and satisfaction for providing pilgrims with outpatient services.

They also helped raise awareness of the need to observe preventive measures on Mount Arafat and when performing other rituals. They encouraged pilgrims to avoid heat stress – resulting from sun exposure, heat and jostling – during their pilgrimage. This was achieved by getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids and using glowing sun umbrellas, they said.

Those responsible for serving the pilgrims, including volunteers from Saudi Red Crescent teams, said they had many memories of humanitarian service, kept between them and God in the hope that he would reward them. They endeavored to carry out their duties to serve pilgrims and help them complete their pilgrimage whenever they had the chance, they said.