Insurance enrollment

The period of affiliation to health insurance for the unemployed ends on August 15

From job loss to illness, so many people have faced hardships during the coronavirus pandemic, and healthcare is even more important right now. The Health Insurance Market on offers low-cost private health insurance to anyone who is receiving – or has already received – unemployment benefits in 2021 during a special enrollment period.

Many were shaken during the pandemic, as jobs were cut and workers laid off, found themselves without health insurance while some even battled illnesses.

“Access to Medicare, quality health insurance is of critical importance,” said Dr LaShawn McIver.

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McIver says paying out of pocket can cost thousands of dollars. It is now possible to maintain the cost of your care.

“Now until August 15th, there is a special registration period going on due to the American rescue plan“McIver said.” Consumers can benefit from significantly expanded financial assistance. “

McIver said that starting July 1, anyone who received unemployment benefit would benefit greatly.

“Four in five people find plans as low as $ 10 a month or less, and for a family of four who may have gotten bonuses of $ 400, they find plans for $ 163 or less,” said McIver. “If you’ve received any kind of unemployment compensation this year, there are special provisions as well. People pay as little as $ 0 per month for their premium.”

McIver added that the aid has been significantly extended.

“Plus, people in the higher income brackets are finding they can benefit from this expanded financial assistance,” McIver said.

As director of Minority Health Office, McIver believes this can promote and improve health equity, especially in underserved communities.

“I can’t stress how important it is to have access to quality health care plans so that you can stay healthy,” McIver said.

If you received unemployment benefits in 2021, you can see what help you are entitled to or even register. The special registration period ends on August 15th.

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