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US health insurance plans comment on final rule for Medicare Advantage/Part D for 2023 – InsuranceNewsNet

WASHINGTON, April 30 (TNStalk) — US health insurance plans issued the following statement:

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Matt EyesPresident and CEO of AHIP, released these comments following the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Final Rule for Medicare Advantage/Part D for 2023.

“Tens of millions of Americans choose Medicare Advantage and Part D plans because of the tremendous value they offer as a public/private partnership. These programs are models of choice, competition and innovation for consumers who make health care more affordable and accessible for older people and people with disabilities.

“As we continue to review the final rule, we are very disappointed that CMS has not withdrawn its proposal to require that all possible price concessions for pharmacies be included in the negotiated price at the point of sale of a Part D plan. Only pharmacists benefit from this requirement, seniors and taxpayers paying the price through higher premiums. We appreciate that CMS has delayed implementation of the rule until 2024 , so Part D plan sponsors and health insurance providers have some time to try to mitigate the impact on seniors.

“Health insurance providers will continue to work with the administration to strengthen and improve Medicare Advantage and Part D to improve the health, well-being, and financial security of seniors, people with disabilities, and taxpayers.”