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US health insurance plans launch new roadmap to create healthier markets, improve health care affordability and access for every American

WASHINGTON, May 18 (TNSres) — US health insurance plans issued the following press release on May 17, 2022:

AHIP launched Healthier People through Healthier Markets, a new policy roadmap and set of solutions to improve affordability and access to health care for every American. The effort is focused on spurring competition in health care markets and curbing harmful practices that hurt American families. With the launch of this policy roadmap, AHIP sent letters to President Biden and the management of Congress which establish a detailed set of legislative and regulatory measures to increase competition in health care, reduce costs and improve access to health care for patients.

AHIP’s solutions are designed to improve competition in 10 key areas of our health care system to increase affordability and access for every American. They are based on four simple commitments to patients, consumers and businesses, including:

* Improve patient choice.

* Protect patients, consumers and businesses from overpayment for care.

* Improve transparency.

* Stop drug pricing and patent games by Big Pharma.

“When vigorous competition exists in our health care system, negotiations between private sector entities encourage innovation, improved quality and greater accessibility. But increasingly limited competition on some healthcare markets often results in unsustainable price increases and less choice for patients and consumers.” Matt Eyes, President and CEO of AHIP. “The status quo is unaffordable for American families and businesses, and that’s why we’re delivering meaningful solutions that will foster increased competition and access while improving affordability. President Biden and the leaders of Congress have made the fight against consolidation a priority across all industries, and our Healthier People through Healthier Markets roadmap offers specific and concrete actions that can and should be taken at the federal and state levels to reduce the prices and costs by improving competition through smart health policy and increasing affordability. and access.”

See letters from AHIP and the full agenda of Healthier People through Healthier Markets (

The 10 key areas where federal and state policymakers can take action to improve competition in health care and promote affordable access and price aim to achieve these fundamental commitments. They include:

1. Support the consumer-centric expansion of advanced home care through value-based care and payment models – an alternative that can provide patients with better, more convenient, and more affordable care outside of the hospital.

2. Bring much-needed transparency to the monopoly power of private equity firms in air ambulance, emergency, and some specialty services that often provide fee-based services.

3. Site-independent prepayments to prevent consumers from having to pay more for the same services depending on the care site.

4. Support patient choice of telehealth, when clinically appropriate, as a less expensive and more convenient method of care, by removing government barriers, modernizing regulations on network adequacy, and guarding against structures regulations that reduce the competitive advantages of telehealth.

5. Address the damage caused by the dialysis duopoly by preventing its expansion, removing barriers to care alternatives that are better for patients, and limiting the use of charitable structures that redirect resources to strengthen the duopoly .

6. Prevent consolidated health systems from using their monopoly position to stifle negotiation and innovation through the use of all-or-nothing, anti-delaying, and other take-it-or-leave-it contractual clauses.

7. Accelerate the availability of prescription drug biosimilars to ensure the pace of access matches the pace of innovation.

8. Prevent drug manufacturers from engaging in system-distorting patent games to maintain monopoly profits.

9. Reform the system of medicines purchased by providers, which has led to a constant increase in the prices of these medicines.

10. Address the ways drugmakers have abused charities to protect their monopolies, rather than help patients.

As part of today’s announcement, health insurance providers pledged to work with federal and state authorities and other health care officials to achieve these goals. By prioritizing these reforms and taking concrete action, AHIP believes that patients will have more choices, employer coverage will be more affordable with better benefits, and treatment programs will be more accessible and affordable for patients.

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