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Virtual health insurance registration help available via WV Navigator

CHARLESTON, West Virginia – Help with enrolling in the plan for 2021 on the West Virginia Health Insurance Stock Exchange includes a virtual option out of necessity this year.

Because one-on-one meetings used statewide in the past are discouraged in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, VM browser – a free service – has moved to an online assistance method like Zoom alongside registration assistance which is also available over the phone.

“It’s the closest we have to being able to meet someone in person,” said Jeremy Smith, program director for WV Navigator.

“We really think it’s a great alternative. This is a great way to be safe and yet have great help when trying to navigate this process of purchasing health insurance.

In previous years, mariners could organize drop-in registration events or hold office hours in person.

This is not the case in 2020.

The enrollment deadline is December 15, 2020 for coverage to begin January 1, 2021 when premiums are paid.

The exchange was created in the Affordable Care Act and offers potentially subsidized health insurance plans through health people without other health insurance options such as an employer plan or Medicare

After December 15th, registrations will only be available for life changing events.

Last year, eight in ten applicants received financial assistance to obtain health care coverage in the form of credits.

“The whole process typically takes 45 minutes to an hour to go through plans, pricing, and complete the app with you,” Smith said.

“We know that a lot of people could buy health insurance, maybe for the first time. They may be used to doing this in the course of their work, and if they have recently lost a job due to the pandemic, they may not really know how to go about purchasing a health insurance plan. so our program is a great resource for people. just to guide you through the process.

WV Navigator, a nonprofit enrollment support group, is funded by grants from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“It can be extremely confusing for people and very difficult to shop for health insurance, so we really want people to contact us so that we can explain the whole process and make sure you have all the information you have. need, ”Smith said.

Appointments for free WV Navigator support, virtually or over the phone, can be made by calling (304) 356-5834.

Additional information is available online at

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