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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – With temperatures soaring into the 1930s on Tuesday, many Minnesotans were eager to get out. They took advantage of the sun while breathing deeply.

We wanted to know: What are the health benefits of fresh air? And why do we feel called there?

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It is estimated that we breathe about 20,000 times a day. But those breaths we take outside seem to give us a boost when we need energy, or even calm us down when we’re tense.

Fresh outdoor air contains the same amount of oxygen as indoor air. So what are its health benefits?

“What we find is that when we’re outside, when we interact, when we breathe deeply outside, when playing, we breathe a lot more. We take bigger breaths, ”said Dr Krishnan Subrahmanian, pediatrician at Hennepin Healthcare.

These deeper breaths help more oxygen flow in our blood and around our body, thus improving overall function.

“I sit all day so it’s the best way for me to get out and widen my lungs, which you don’t do often,” said Liza Goncharova as she walked with her dog in the hall. Minnehaha park.

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Are we getting cleaner air outside?

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“When we are all close to each other, when there are germs, when there are particles in the air inside in many places …” And so if there is a particle in air, it will be recirculated. “

That’s why breathing outdoors, especially for people with asthma, can be a healthy break from the confines of a crowded office or indoor space.

Not all fresh air is created the same. Pollutants from vehicles and businesses mix with what people breathe in urban areas. The air can be much cleaner in a wooded area like a park, thanks to the trees. Studies have shown that vegetation in city parks can clean the air of pollutants.

But whatever the setting, breathing outdoors also tends to relax people.

“It does a lot for our heart rate, for our stress response,” said Dr. Subrahmanian.

Some even concentrate better with fresh air because deep breaths send oxygen to the brain, improving cognitive abilities.

“I really like doing my homework outside when I can,” said Annika Peterson.

“I go around, think about things and, you know, plan and come to new conclusions,” one woman said of how walking, breathing outdoors clears her mind.

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Seeking fresh air also exposes you to the sun. The increase in vitamin D can then elevate your mood.